Hennu Stall

Hennu Stall

Our Location

Where are we?

 The Hennu Stall is located on the valley descent between Furi and Zermatt. The Hennu Stall can also be reached on foot via the Furi - Zermatt hiking trail (approx. 30 min) and from Zermatt - Furi (20 min) uphill.

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How to get
to our hotel

You can reach car-free Zermatt by the Matterhorn Gotthard station from Visp. If you arrive by car, parking spaces are available in Täsch. From there, shuttle trains run every 20 minutes to Zermatt.

We own our own electric vehicle. Call us early on your arrival, we will be happy to pick you up. If this should not be possible for us, we will gladly organise a taxi for you.